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  • Color Scheme Generator 2 : Create color schemes by modifying simple options
  • ColorJack: Sphere : Online color scheme creator
  • ColorMatch Remixed: Picks nine complementary colors (some shades of your color, some shades of a contrasting color, and greys)
  • Color Harmonies: Non-JavaScript. Enter three RGB values and an array of contrasting colors are generated.
  • SlayerOffice - Color Palette Creator 1.6: Enter a color (hex) and it produces nine variant colors.
  • VisiBone Webmaster’s Color Lab: Click on a color in the palette and it displays a selection of contrasting colors (often very contrasting!)
  • Color Schemer: Click on a color (or enter one) and it displays a grid of 16 complementary and contrasting colors.
  • I Like Your Colors :Pull color schemes from existing websites automatically
  • Color Blender: A simple color picker tool.
  • EasyRGB: Create color palettes, or search existing color libraries
  • :Create and share colors, or generate a scheme from an image :Create color schemes by modifying simple options
  • Color Palette Generator : Allows you to generate a color palette from a photo or image
  • Color Palette Generator : Another online generator that turns a photograph into a color scheme
  • Web Color Combinations Testing Tool : Allows you to view color combinations onlin
  • ColorBlender : Color matching and palette creation
  • ColorMixers :Web-based color-mixing tool
  • Color palette creator v1.6.1 : Color scheme generator
  • GenoPal Online : Free tool for finding harmonious color schemes
  • ColorToy 2 : Flash color-scheme generator
  • Adobe Kuler : Web-hosted application for generating color theme. Create and share color schemes online

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